After God putting a burden in our hearts of helping vulnerable children , we got to help to work this project that God had put in our hearts.
we asked God to open doors to those of churches,big organisation ,individuals who have got the passion of helping children and giving the chance of changing their critical lives.
we are ready to work with you in honest,love and care for the children to those who have got the helping heart.

What We Do



This project helps the children who have none of parents and these children face the problem of sleeping under water tunnels, poor feeding , lack of education , tropical diseases and lack of parental love. so they need help that will give them hope for the future.



This child  also didn’t get  the chance of being raised with two parents and also the remaining one  is in critical condition . this child also needs to be helped in his/her daily life to also have a chance that has never been  given  by his or her official parent.



This project helps  children living with their biological parents  but in poor life , they also need help like any other  child.



These children apparently  faces problems in the society  and in traditional African culture are not accepted. this child’s parent can also get married  and this  child is left  with the family  to be raised by the parents  then this child is grows with fear  and to be denied in the society so that is to be shown mercy and to be their parents also with giving them the chance that they have never seen.

What We Care For!

we provide mind transforming by bringing the lost hope for better future
we provide shelter and educational assistance
we provide food