Who We Are


In 2019, RUHORIMBERE Denis and Nyiramanyana Esther pursued their passion for Ministry by starting “AGAPE VISION CENTRE”  in Kampala city the capital of Uganda . They committed and dedicated to serve God, changing lives, declare peace, build the spirit of hope in many orphans’ minds, transforming our community and deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ meeting the needs of you and your loved ones .

After God putting a burden in our hearts of helping vulrnerable and orphan children  we got to help  to work this project AGAPE VISION CENTRE that God had put in  our hearts. we   asked God to open doors to those of churches , organizations, individuals  who have got the heart of helping  children and giving the chance of changing their criticallives . we are ready to work with you in honest,  love and care  for the children.

We aspire to strengthen each person’s confidence and hope in Jesus Christ our savior at every side in their lives, hearten personal and spiritual growth through prayer, Bible study, Conferences ,Seminars, Crusades and participation in activities of the organisation and the Community.




Our Approach

— Mission

Education will be the key tool that will help us to transform  lives of these children, that through this orphanage centre they will obviously enhance to have a brighter future

— Vision

To make an orphanage centre that will transform lives of orphans and vulnerable children and shape their future in the modern society.

— Goals

To educate and prepare them to reach the standard life of these children 

To make sure that they drink and eat well and access health care centers

To eliminate the inferiority complex among these vulnerable children

To raise  them to be future good mamas and good fathers

— Challenges

Lack of funds

big number of orphans and vulnerable children

Lack of a convenient building facilities where to accommodate children